Gifts for Pickleball Players 2022


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States with more players joining everyday. While pickleball has the current reputation of being an “old person sport”, nothing could be further from the truth! All ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels can pick up a paddle and start playing and having fun within about 20 minutes of instruction. With such an ease to start this amazing sport, players soon find that they want to play more and more. Pretty soon, most are playing 3-5 days a week for hours at a time! Their new hobby creates a brand new gift opportunity for their friends and loved ones to be able to give to them! So sit back and relax reading through all kinds of different ideas for gifts for pickleball players.

First of all there are some pickleball items that, in our opinion, you should NOT try to buy for pickleball players.

  • Paddles: Unless your recipient is brand new and just needs a starter pack OR they gave you a specific paddle to buy them, we do not recommend trying to pick out a pickleball paddle for them. There are just soooooo many options and personal preferences when picking a paddle. So leave this up to your friend of loved one to find their perfect paddle match. You could get a them a gift card to a pickleball site that sells a wide variety of paddles and then they can still have the chance to pick their own with a gift from you.
  • Shoes: Unless they tell you a specific shoe and size to get for them, do not try to buy them pickleball shoes. Again, this is too personal and a big decision that each player must make as those shoes will be worn often and played in hard. They will want a shoe that has all the qualities that they want and fits great. Those are hard decisions for another person to make. Gift card is a good option here as well! Just make sure you buy the gift card for a store or site that has lots of different pickleball shoe or court shoe options.

Gifts for Pickleball Players: Guy or Gal

With the growing popularity of the sport, everyone is getting involved. While there are gifts specific to pickling women and men (see below), we also made a list of gifts that any pickleball player could use. Some are basic needs for the game (like balls) and others…not so much (think fun sweat towels). :) So its up to you which direction you’d like to go for the gift for your picklin’ friend. On the list, you’ll have a direct link to buy the item and then get it shipped right to you or to your friend. You can see the list of gifts for any pickleball player here.

Any gift can use a card and these pickleball Christmas cards are the perfect thing to give to pickleball players. So if you’re shopping for your court buddies and looking for ideas for Christmas presents for the people you play with, these cards are a great add on to gifts you may be giving or to just give alone.

gifts for pickleball players

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Gifts For Women

Women are rocking the court and bringing their feminine styles, strength, and joy out to play. Whether your recipient enjoys a more laid back game or brings it in the more fast paced games, our list of gifts for pickleball players will have something she will love and probably doesn’t have yet. Most of these ladies are successful (or retired) enough to be able to play for hours a day in the middle of the week. So what do you get the girl that has everything? More pickleball stuff, of course! From apparel to home décor to even just-for-fun, our gift list for her has it all.

In the list, we’ve added some of our favorite picks for pickleball t-shirts, cute visors, adorable pickleball mugs, and more. Plus we’ve made it super easy for you! Check out the Pickleball Gifts for Her list here and get the inspiration…and the LINK (yippee) to buy her gift right now and have it delivered right to your door step.

Gifts For Men

The male pickleball community is a fun and competitive bunch for sure! These are men who like to have a good time but also like to whoop someone any chance they can get. Like the ladies mentioned above, most of these men are also successful (or retired) enough (ha ha) to play for hours a day in the middle of the week. So what do you get the man who has everything? Well, if he plays pickleball, we’ve got a whole list of gift ideas that he probably doesn’t have yet. Even if he has a few, we have some unique ones to make him smile.

We will even be expanding this list of gifts for pickleball players as we find more items we think should be added for the dudes, but here is a great list to start with: Pickleball Gifts for Him.