Pickleball Gifts for Her


Looking for the perfect gift for your pickleball playing mom, sister, grandma, aunt, or friend? You've come to the right place! From apparel to gear to accessories and home decor, this list will give you tons of ideas for lots of cute stuff to buy as a pickleball gift for her.

Let's get started! 

Pickleball Skirts


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There are a ton of different pickleball skirts out on the market. Thankfully for all the different types of body types out there, there are all different kind of skirt fits: short or long, high waisted or low waisted, pockets on the under shorts or not. I personally prefer the low waisted pickleball skirt fit and the shorter length of the skirt above. I LOVE the pattern of this skirt (I get tons of compliments on it) and I like wearing it because it has a looser waistband (which is what my tummy needs ha ha). Plus it's only $25!


But if you want to gift a longer skirt or different pattern, there are so many options! Here are a few more. This one is a bit longer and less pleated.


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This one is high-waisted.


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Pickleball Bag Key Chains

Some women like to make everything they do a little prettier. That's easy to do with some of the cute pickleball keychains on the market to add to your pickleball bag or to use as your normal key chain.

pickleball gifts for her cute pickleball keychain

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cute pickleball keychain

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Christmas Cards

For any of your pickleball friends or friends who like pickleball, these Pickleball Christmas cards are the perfect accessory to your gift or are sufficient to give alone! They're super cute and are centered around the great game of pickleball. Cards come in packs of 12 and are ready to be signed, sealed, and delivered!


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Pickleball T-Shirts

pickleball gifts for her cute t shirt

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Amazon and the wonderful world of Etsy have given us so many pickleball t-shirt creations that make the perfect pickleball gift for her! Here are just a few examples of all the adorable pickleball shirts out there for women. Look around and find the perfect shirt to gift for her to wear on the court, around the house, or out and about.

cute pickleball shirt

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Shop all kinds of other women pickleball t-shirts on Etsy HERE.


Pickleball Visors


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It can be super sunny out on the pickleball courts and while some people wear sun glasses, others don't like them sitting on their face. So those ladies opt for a cute visor instead! Visors also help stop sweat from running down onto your face so they have a dual purpose. Here are some cute visors for an option for your pickleball gifts for her.


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Pickleball Drinking Accessories

pickleball wine stopper gift idea

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Pickleball players know how to have a good time and for many of them, that involves some adult beverages. Here are some fun accessories for when your pickle playing friend has some fun off the court.


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pickleball wine glasses set

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For more pickleball gift ideas that can be given to anyone check out our Pickleball Gifts Guide that has a list of gifts suitable for almost any pickleball player. Or if you're looking for gifts for a pickleball playin' guy, check out our Gifts for Him page.