Pickleball Gifts Guide 2023


From the best in pickleball apparel to top performing gear to “just for fun”, this Pickleball Gifts Guide has you covered. Whether you’re shopping for fellow pickleball players, your friend or loved one who plays pickleball, or even for yourself, you’ll get plenty of ideas for pickleball gifts here. Plus all of the items on this list are available to purchase online and have shipped straight to your doorstep!

As the fastest growing sport in the United States, pickleball has taken the country by storm and, thankfully, many retailers, artisans, and inventors retailers are answering the call to create tons of pickleball products to make the lives of pickleball players more fun, easy, and just...joyful. Below you’ll find curated lists of pickleball gifts sure to make your recipients holidays even more cheerful!

No matter who is on your list, any pickleball player will delight in these pickleball Christmas cards. Sold in packs of 12, these cards are sure to put a smile on the face of any pickleball lover in your life because they are themed to their favorite game: pickleball!

Pickleball Christmas Cards New

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Now that you have the cards, let’s get to gifts.  Here we have a list of pickleball gifts that any player could use. A bit further down, we have links to more curated lists for more specific types of pickleball gifts like gifts for her and gifts for him.  Some gift ideas are on more than one list if they fit the bill for multiple types of recipients. Happy shopping!




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One of the most obvious gifts given to pickleball players are pickleballs. Balls crack after enough play time (or hard enough hits) so it’s always handy to have some extra balls on hand. Now some may say this gift is over-given, BUT you can make your pickleballs gift stand out by putting their initials (or some other personalized) marking on there for them ahead of time. Make sure to use a Sharpie or some other type of permanent marker. Your thoughtfulness to mark the ball for them will  be a nice touch.

Before you buy them balls, you’ll want to try and ask them what kind of balls they like to play with as there are MANY different kinds of pickleballs (indoor, outdoor, hard, soft, hardER, softer, different colors, etc). See if they can send you a link and act like your curious about getting into the game if you want to be sneaky for WHY you are asking. Then mark them up and give them all ready to go and play.


Insulated Water Bottle


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Around here, usually people go to play pickleball for 2.5.-3 hours at a time. That’s a LONG time to be running around and sweating. It’s always important to bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. So an insulted water bottle is a great buy for your pickleball player’s gift. You can go simple or you can get a themed water bottle.

After a lot of research, I chose to go with the Iron Flask insulated water bottles (pictured above in a more feminine color and below in a plain black). They insulate great, come in lots of patterns, and come in lots of sizes. Plus they look very similar to the popular Hydroflasks but are much cheaper. I personally have a 32 oz bottle that suffices for most days or play and also a 64 oz bottle for hot outside days when I won't have access to a water fountain.


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Those are some ideas for general insulated water bottles and then you have more pickleball themed water bottles like this "Pickleball Addict" bottle.


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Pickleball Picker Upper


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There is a LOT of bending over and chasing the ball in pickleball. This is a very handy attachment to put on the end of your pickleball paddle to be able to pick up the ball without bending over so far. This is especially great for people with back problems or those who can’t bend over so easily.


Pickleball T-Shirts

Cute pickleball shirt gift women

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There are TONS of options for Pickleball T-shirts. You can find them on individual websites, Etsy, Amazon, and other apparel sites. With so many options there is bound to be the perfect style, size, and saying for your pickleball lover. Here are a few options and then there are more specific options on the Pickleball Gifts for Her and Pickleball Gifts for Him lists.


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Pickleball Sweat Towels


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There are a TON of different sweat towels out there – from plain Jane to even pickleball themed towels! And if you buy one on Etsy or an individual website, many times they offer personalization of your name and you can even usually work with them on color changes or font changes for a more feminine or masculine look! Make sure to find a towel that is soft and absorbent. Also if you get one with a design, make sure that it is embroidered: you don’t just want a vinyl sticker that will come off in the wash as they will be washing this a lot. I've put a few examples on here and there are more specific ones on the Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him lists.

pickleball towel for men

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Energy Chews


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Pickleball players (especially serious ones) play HARD for hours at a time, especially during tournaments. Having some snacks or things to boost your energy during those long bouts of games is a life saver. These Clif Bloks are absolutely DELICIOUS (its like a big fruit snack), have great reviews ,and have worked wonders for our staff to keep stamina up during games. We linked to a variety pack, which may be a good option for them to get and try out to see what flavor they like best before they buy a big box of one flavor. These make perfect pickleball stocking stuffers!


Muscle Massager


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Sore muscles are a part of the pickleball game, especially when you are playing 4-7 days a week. There is a wide variety of portable muscle massagers out there and people swear by these. You can get them at the low end for $40 and high end for $700. Get one as a pickleball gift for your friend and their muscles will thank you. 


Well those are the general gifts that most any pickleball player would like and not delving too much into style or what men over women would prefer. Now let's look at more specific pickleball gifts for guys versus gals pickleball players:


Pickleball Gifts for Her

Pickleball Gifts for Him